CD Drive DR200 Signature



  • Special optimized treatment in order to reduce the jitter :
    • TEAC CD drive designed with specific anti-vibration material
    • Chassis treated against parasite vibrations
  • Regulated supply with high current capacity dedicated to the mechanism
  • Special low noise linear supply dedicated to digital stream
  • LVDS circuit for digital format (high resolution treatment)
  • Insulation of the digital signals with a specific 1:1 transformer dedicated to S/PDIF and AES/EBU signals.
  • CD text
  • Low consumption OLED display
  • Accepted Disc : CD, CD-R, CD-RW. Formats : MP3-WMA-AAC



                                                    Available in black or silver


  • Coaxial output
  • Optical output
  • AES/EBU output

                            Rear view of DR200 Signature



All CD players are equipped with a serial remote that allows to control other ATOLL’s devices (Integrated, preamp, Tuner, DAC).
It also allows several basic functions of the CD player such as program, repeat, random, etc.







DR200 Signature
Supply 30 VA
Total of capacitors 22 100 µF
Digital outputs Coaxial & optical
Dimensions 440x280x90mm
Weight 6,5 kg