Preamplifier PR400


The PR400 audio stages have been developed with due regard to combine a very wide bandwidth and a perfectly regular phase. This principle provides an overall consistency that provides a total immersion in the sound stage.

The concept of rigorously symmetrical stages provides a very detailed and full of nuances musicality with a clear ability to separate the interpreters and the different registers.

The PR400 also has the faculty to present a seamless musicality regardless of the listening level. The care taken to lower settings and the choice of components allows to make perceptible the slightest breath and the intentions of the interpreters with a no-brainer and a surprising natural. The smallest nuances and the subtleties of the timbres are perfectly intelligible.

Product Highlights:

• 5 Inputs with 1 AUX. suitable for 1 optional board :
- Phono Stage (P50 or P100)
- SPDIF digital board
- Wireless Input
• 1 By-pass Input
• 1 XLR Input & output
• 1 USB Input (B type) - 24bits/96kHz
• Balance setup

3D view

Black or silver front panel available.

  Serial remote control

Technical specs for PR400:

Power supply :                   2x170 VA
Total of capacitors :           85 000 µF
Input Impedance :                 220 kΏ
Sensitivity :                           500 mV
Signal/noise Ratio :               100 dB
Distortion at 1kHz :               0,005%
Bandwidth :                  5Hz-200kHz
Rising Time :                           1,5µs

Dimensions :         440*130*370mm
Weight :                     15 Kg (33 lbs)

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