DAC Converter DAC200

DAC200 N copie

8 inputs:

‐ 2 SPDIF coaxial
‐ 3 SPDIF optical
‐ 1 USB: 24bits/192kHz (asynchronous)
‐ 1 wireless (CD format) from a USB dongle (serial)

5 outputs:

‐ 1 coaxial
‐ 1 optical
‐ 1 RCA stereo
‐ 1 XLR
‐ 1 headphones


  • BURR BROWN Converter PCM1792 (24 bits/192 kHz) (129dB dynamic range; THD+n<0,0004%)
  • Symmetrical outputs current
  • Symmetrical power transformers for output stages
  • Output stages with discrete components and no feedback
  • High technology MKP condensators

End users:

‐ Serial remote with volume control and sources selection
‐ Front panel with volume control by encoder and direct sources keys
‐ Digital display of volume level & sources

By-bass Mode:
The DAC200 can be used as a converter, linked to a regular Input of an Integrated or Premp or as a preamp/converter directly linked to a power amplifier (then the volume level will be controlled by the DAC200).

The DAC200 includes a serial wireless connection with any computer using the ATOLL dongle on a USB port.

All musical files from the computer will be transmitted at 16bits/44kHz format.

dongle USB

1,5mm steel chassis ; 8mm front panel (black or silver)
Dimensions: 440*280*60 mm
Weight: 4 Kg


Technical specs:
Frequency Response            20 Hz - 20 kHz (± 0,1 dB)
THD at 1 Khz (0 dBF)                   <0,001% 24 bits
Signal/Noise Ratio                              129dB
Dynamic                                             129dB
Output level (By-Pass)                     2,5 Vrms
Output level (Max)                           4,6 Vrms

Dimensions (mm)                           440*280*60
Poids                                                   4 Kg


USB DRIVER: To use the USB-B asynchronous input, you need to download this driver on your computer using Windows software. This is not requisite on iOS or Linux systems.

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