CD400se – DR400se

The CD400se and the DR400se models have their chassis made of massif aluminium sides that ensure perfect mechanical inertia. In addition, the original shape has been studied to absorb better all vibrations. The top loading drive specifically developed for the 400 line consists of mechanical elements in steel and aluminium treated against vibrations, decoupled from the frame of the device by four metal spacers. This greatly enhances the accuracy of the laser and the error correction circuits. This construction greatly improves the musical timbres and treble reproduction.

  • 10 mm brushed aluminium front panel (aluminium or black colour).
  • Linear power supply for digital stages with a specific 30 VA transformer.
  • Pure audio CD player compatible: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, WMA-AAC.
  • Specific ATOLL mechanics with top loading.
  • Low-consumption OLED display.
  • CD text display.
  • 2xPCM1794 converters (one per channel).
  • Symmetrical stages with discrete components without feedback.
  • MKP-type audiophile capacitors.
  • Toroidal transformer of 160 VA dedicated to audio stages.
  • ATOLL global remote control.


2 Digital inputs (1 optical & 1 coaxial).
1 USB-B input.

2 Stereo XLR outputs.
1 Stereo line output.
2 Digital outputs (1 optical & 1 coaxial).

Consult the standard for wiring XLR connectors.

The digital signals are perfectly shielded and follow an optimized path to fight against the effects of jitter. In the CD400se, the use of two independent converters, one per channel, avoids crosstalk and significantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio and the dynamic.


Power supply: 30+160 VA
Total of capacitors: 17 000 µF
Output stages: Symmetrical discrete stages
Output level: 2 Vrms
Output Impedance: 5,6Ω
Converter (N/A): 24 bits/192 kHz
Digital Output: Coaxial & Optical
Digital Input: Coaxial – Optical – USB-B
Signal/Noise ratio: 125 dB
Distorsion at 1 kHz: 0,002%
Bandwidth: 5 Hz – 20 kHz
Rising time: 1,5 µs
Dimensions (mm): 430×320×90
Weight: 9 Kg


Important: using the USB input of the optional DAC board requires downloading a specific driver for Windows computers. This can be downloaded below. This driver is not necessary under MAC and Linux.

Download it here:


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“TOP LOADING ATOLL” mechanical is used for the CD400se and the DR400se.

• Anti-vibration system.
• Solid aluminum sidewalls.
• CD text.

The remote control is supplied as standard on each model and allows remote control of all ATOLL products (Integrated, preamps, Tuner, DAC).
In addition, it has all the basic functions including programming, shuffle, repeat, etc.

“No wonder that the success was at the rendezvous with audiophile music lovers especially since the prices remained very reasonable in relation to the listening pleasure offered. (…) The mechanics, power supplies, and internal circuits are also of high class. Particular care has been taken (…) to ensure playback in conditions undisturbed by external and internal vibrations, as well as against the risk of pollution through power supplies or ground lines from digital to analogue”.

Stéréo Prestige & Image magazine, no. 62, 2011.

The CD400se model is available in black or natural aluminium finish façade:

Black anodized brushed aluminum finish.
Silver anodized brushed aluminum finish.


The DR400se is the pure Drive version of the CD400se incorporating innovative technical solutions:

• Specific ATOLL mechanics.
• Dedicated power supply for mechanics.
• Elaborate design for jitter reduction.


1 AES/EBU output.
2 Digital outputs (1 optical & 1 coaxial).

Consult the standard for wiring XLR connectors.


Power supply: 30 VA
Total of capacitors: 16 320 μF
Output Impedance: AES : 110Ω
Dimensions (mm): 430×320×90 mm
Weight: 7 Kg