Mini-CD Player MD100

Last born from the “Mini Line”, the MD100 is the perfect companion to play with your CDs.

MD100 blk biais bd

– Original transport drive from TEAC (compatible CD, CD-R, CD-RW; MP3 format)

– Aluminium front panel of 4 mm (black or silver) and complete steel chassis of 1,5 mm

– 3 regulated supplies

– PCM5102 converter ; direct current output stages (with no capacitor)

– Serial Remote control

MD100 silver biais copie

 Available with front panel black or silver


Rear connectors:

– RCA Output;

– 2 Digital Outputs (optical & coaxial)

MD100 rear bd


Power Supply:                  15VA
Total of capacitors:           10 411 µF
Dynamic:                          112 dB
Output Level:                    2 VRMS
Signal/Noise Ratio:           112 dB
Distortion at 1kHz:            0,002%
Bandwidth:                        5Hz – 20kHz
Rising Time:                      2 µs
Digital/analog Converter:  PCM5102
Dimensions:                      320x230x83 mm
Weight:                             3,4 Kg