Wireless Board

To a greater offer of ATOLL’s equipment owners, we have developped an optionnal board for all of our integrated (except IN30) and preamps. It is composed of a USB dongle and a board of reception with antenna.

These elements establish a binding to transfer audio signals (regardless of the type of files or software) all exclusive wireless to the reception board pre-equipped on the AUX input.

dongle USB

Binding is done directly to your ATOLL’s device from the USB dongle adaptable on any computer (PC or Mac).


The reception board is installed in the connectors on the motherboard of the integrated or Preamps (same location as Phono or SPDIF board).

The audio signal will be on the AUX Input.

The use of the external antenna is required (screwing in the location provided in the rear of the appliance). A hole is expected on the models marketed before October 2011.


Compatibility : this board can be adapted on :

  1. All models of the SE serie : IN50se ; IN80se ; IN100se ; PR100se ; PR200se
  2. All IN200 ; PR300 ; PR5.1
  3. Older models IN50 ; IN80 ; IN100 ; PR100 ; PR200 having the appropriate connectors (models sold after 2002).


Audio performances :

  • Transmission is equal to the CD format (16 bits/44 kHz) without any compression.
  • Reception board is equipped with a Burr Brown PCM 1754 converter (24 bits/192kHz).
  • Linked components are all High Fidelity audiophile quality (MKT condensators, metal layer resistances).