The device will be available from September 2024.

The IN400 EVO is an integrated amp-preamp with high musical capacity. The concept is based on technical and aesthetic choices dedicated to optimal musicality. Mechanically, the chassis is made of 2 mm steel, and the front face is 10 mm aluminium, brushed, micro-blasted, and anodized, with high-precision engraving. The side heatsinks are machined from solid aluminium blocks to absorb mechanical vibrations and ensure perfect heat dissipation.

  • Front face in 10 mm brushed, micro-blasted and anodized aluminum, high-precision engraving.
  • Heatsink and buttons in billet aluminium.
  • 2 mm steel frame.
  • Two toroidal transformers: 1050 VA (audio) + 1.6 VA (control logic).
  • Integral double mono structure:

– Separate windings for the tracks.
– 1 attenuator per channel (with switched resistors).

  • Bipolar transistor input stages.
  • Current sources with bipolar transistors and LEDs to ensure perfect voltage stability.
  • Darlington transistor driver stages.
  • Audio stages with perfectly symmetrical structure and very low counter-reaction.
  • Power stages with MOS FET transistors (8 per channel) rigorously matched.
  • Precise adjustment of the balance, the possibility of memorizing it.
  • Possibility of choosing the standby mode: Low consumption or preheating.
  • Configurable button backlighting.
  • High contrast OLED display: ON or OFF mode (after 5 seconds of inaction).
  • ATOLL global remote control delivered as standard.


2 XLR inputs.
5 Line inputs: AUX or PHONO (option) CD, TNUER, DVD, TAPE.
1 Bypass input.
1 12V Trigger output.
Possibility of adding the DA200 digital board (optional):
– 2 Optical inputs (24 bits/192 kHz).
– 2 Coaxial inputs (24 bits/192 kHz).
– 1 asynchronous USB input (24 bits/192 kHz).
– 1 Bluetooth input.


Power: 2×160 Wrms / 8Ω – 2×300 Wrms / 4Ω
Total of capacitors: 96 680 µF
Bandwidth (-3 dB): 5 Hz – 100 kHz
Rise time: 2 µs
Input impedance: 357 kΩ
Sensitivity: 450 mV
Signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB
Distortion rate at 1 kHz: 0,05 %
Standby consumption (low consumption): < 0,5 W
Dimensions: 440×370×130 mm
Weight: 19,5 Kg


1 DA200 digital card (optional)

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  • Balance management.
  • Low-power OLED display.
  • Serial remote control (allowing control of all products: Integrated, CD Players, Tuner, DAC).

The IN400EVO will be available in a black or natural aluminium version.