Phono Preamp.

***************THIS PRODUCT IS NO MORE AVAILABLE*********************

Preamp PHONO – P200se

P200se alu

the P200 is a small module getting its own separated 24V supply. Complete symetrical scheme with discrete components, it is also equipped with high class condensators (MKP technology). All configurations (MM/MC, input impedance) are adjustable at the rear of the cabinet.

P200 arriere copie

Technical Facts:

Input Impedance                   47k ou 100k *
Input Capacitors                  100 pF ou rien *
Gain MM                                    40 dB
Gain MC High                            46 dB
Gain MC Low                             52 dB
THD                                           0,05 %
Supplies :
– Power                                     9,6 VA
– Tension                                  24V DC