Option Boards


The option cards we offer can be installed as standard or easily after purchase, depending on your changing needs. This allows you to transform the “AUX” input of your preamp or your integrated (excluding IN30) into a phono input.

PHONO Boards

These two Phono cards are available on the entire range of integrated units and preamps of the SE and Signature series:

Integrated IN50 – IN80 – IN100 – IN200 – IN300 – IN400 & PR100 – PR200 – PR300 preamps.


The entry-level Phono board bears the reference P50. With a good price/quality ratio, it can be used to connect entry-level and mid-range turntables (MM type only).

It is equipped with a low-noise JFET operational amplifier, it is designed specifically for MM cartridges.

PHONO P50 copie
PHONO P50 copie


Type: MM.
Input impedance: 47 k.
Input capacitance: 100 pF.
MM Gain: 40 dB.
THD: 0,05%.


The Phono P100 board, which can also be plugged into all of our Integrated (except IN30) and Preamps, has a fully balanced diagram with discrete components.

Our configurable board (*) MM, MC low or high level with polarized discrete components in Class A, is designed to adapt to all cartridges on the market. In addition, the input impedance can be adjusted according to the turntable.


Type: MM / MC.
Input impedance: 47 k ou 100 k (*).
Input capacity: 100 pF ou rien (*).
MM Gain: 40 dB (*).
High-level MC gain: 46 dB (*).
Low-level MC gain: 52 dB (*).
THD: 0,05%.

(*) depending on the position of the switches.

Optional DAC board

DC200: For Signature Series CD players.

CD players from the Signature line (CD50 Sig, CD80 Sig, CD100 Sig, CD200 Sig) can be optionally equipped with a board with three digital inputs:

  • 1 Coaxial input (S/PDIF – 24 bit/192 kHz).
  • 1 Optical input (S/PDIF – 24 bit/192 kHz).
  • 1 Asynchronous USB input (XMOS USB interface with a specific program designed for ATOLL).
    – PCM from 16 bits to 24 bits up to 192 kHz.


DAC DC200 owner manual

Signature series digital boards for IN & PR​

Two electronic boards with digital inputs are available as an option on the Signature series integrated and preamps.

DA100: Optional S/PDIF board.​

Available for models: IN50 Sig, IN80 Sig, IN100 Sig & PR200 Sig.

  • AKM-AK4490 audio converter.
          – Dynamic: 120 dB.
          – Signal/noise ratio: 120 dB.
  • 2 Coaxial inputs (24 bits/192 kHz).
  • 2 Optical inputs (24 bits/192 kHz).


DA100 owner’s manual

DA200: Optional DAC board.

Available for models IN50 Sig, IN80 Sig, IN100 Sig, IN200 Sig, PR200 Sig, PR300 Sig, PR400 Sig.

  • AKM-AK4490 audio converter.
           – Dynamic: 120 dB.
           – Signal-to-noise ratio: 120 dB.
  • 2 Coaxial inputs (24 bits/192 kHz).
  • 2 Optical inputs (24 bits/192 kHz).
  • 1 Bluetooth® receiver.
  • 1 Asynchronous USB-B input. (XMOS USB interface with specific program designed for ATOLL).
           – DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 and DSD512.
           – PCM: 16-32 bits (44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz, 352.8 kHz, 384 kHz, 705.6 kHz and 768 kHz).


DA200 owner’s manual

Important: Using the USB input requires downloading a specific driver for Windows computers. This can be downloaded below. This driver is not necessary under MAC.

Download it here:

Even if these boards can be installed at any time, it is preferable that the installation be done at the time of order or by your dealer.