Amazon Music Unlimited HD® is available now on ATOLL streamers.

You can access the essentials of the Amazon Music Unlimited HD® environment from the front panel controls of your ATOLL streamer, the remote control, or the ATOLL Signature 2 application (*).

Your favourite music on Amazon.

Amazon Music allows customers to enjoy all their favourite music across multiple hardware platforms. This includes Amazon digital music purchases, the entire Amazon Prime Music catalog (exclusive to Amazon Prime members), and, for Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers, the entire Amazon Music Unlimited catalog.

(*) Amazon does not authorize the editing of favorites and playlists, but it is possible to read them from ATOLL Signature network players.

What is Amazon Music Unlimited HD®?

Amazon Music Unlimited HD® is an immersive audio entertainment service that connects fans, artists and creators through music, podcasts and culture. Amazon Music brings fans closer to what they love with curated and personalized playlists, artist livestreams, artist merchandise, and Amazon-exclusive podcasts.

Enjoy free streaming access to thousands of stations and playlists.

Anyone can listen to Amazon Music by downloading the free Amazon Music app. Find your music everywhere, including on Atoll devices compatible with Amazon HD. Enjoy free streaming access to thousands of stations and playlists, and view artist pages anytime.

Prime members get access to all shuffle music, the most comprehensive catalogue and the best podcasts ad-free with their membership.

Listeners can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited for unlimited, on-demand access to 100 million songs and millions of HD, Ultra HD, and Spatial audio songs.