ATOLL Signature are now compatible with HighResAudio.

The MS120, ST200 Sig, ST300 Sig, SDA200 Sig and SDA300 Sig are compatible with HighResAudio.

Most of the HighResAudio environment is in your streamer or your ATOLL “All-in-one” device. Discover it from the controls on the front face, the remote control, or simply from the ATOLL Signature Application, free on the Play Store or Google Play.

A high resolution service.

HighResAudio is a music service that exclusively offers 24-bit high-resolution music files to own and stream through a recordings subscription with the highest possible sample rate, covering all types of music genres. With over 850,000 songs on offer, HighResAudio offers a wide range of music for Hi-Fi enthusiasts and music lovers who value sound quality. HighResAudio was founded in Germany by a team of experienced, visionary and enthusiastic music experts and studio engineers.

Technological advances in the music industry.

HighResAudio has harnessed technological advances in the music industry to help music lovers in search of an authentic listening experience. The team also develops innovative services and applications, creating new business models and opportunities for artists, labels and manufacturers of digital audio products.

The fascination of 24-bit Studio Masters.

Music lovers, fans of great sound and audiophiles are looking for the perfect sound experience, sound that’s as authentic and realistic as possible – sound as it was recorded in the studio, so to speak. Such quality is now available to everyone in the form of downloadable Studio Masters. With 24-bit resolution and a sampling rate of 96 kHz or higher.

These music files are now so compelling that virtually every music label offers relevant recordings in Studio Master quality.

Musical variety is essential.

Jazz, pop, classical music, funk, rock, folk, lounge, – HighResAudio belongs to the largest supplier of high-resolution music downloads worldwide and provides albums of all genres. Furthermore, at HighResAudio, many albums are obtainable in a selection of file formats, in order to make sure that your optimum format is included: 24-bit FLAC, MQA and DSD for those lucky enough to own high-end streaming solutions.