ATOLL Signature streamers were updated in order to include Roon.

MS120, ST200 Sig, ST300 Sig, SDA200 Sig and SDA300 Sig are now compatible with Roon.

To enjoy this service, simply:

  • Download the latest update online via the Settings/Software Update menu.
  • Then, go to the Settings/Device ID menu and choose the device model you have from the list: ST200, MS120, SDA200, etc.
  • Restart the device at the general switch so that Roon recognises it.

Introducing “Roon Ready”.

Roon is a vibrant and engaging way to browse and organize your music. It runs on most Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs or on other products, including Roon Core.

Being Roon Ready means that Atoll network players transparently discover and connect to Roon without any configuration, and bit-perfect audio is delivered from Roon to your network player.

Introducing Roon.

Roon is a music player designed by music lovers to deliver an unparalleled music browsing experience. The features audio enthusiasts need:

  • Bit-perfect reading.
  • 24 bits/768 kHz and DSD playback.
  • MQA reading.
  • High-performance DSP processing options.

“Roon” tested program.

Roon’s fundamental goal is to provide a consistently exceptional user experience. This goal doesn’t stop with the software; the experience extends to the audio playback hardware.

As a Roon Tested partner, Atoll provided Roon with equipment for testing with various operating systems and computers and shared information about its design and capabilities.

“Roon Core” program.

Roon is a potent music management and browsing system with audiophile playback and DSP features. It’s also a remote-controlled, multi-user, multi-room networked audio platform.