Atoll and Audirvana: an exclusive partnership.

All of their ATOLL streamers, DACs and integrated amplifier series are tested and certified “Plāys with Audirvāna”. This guarantees you a smooth experience while taking advantage of the full potential and performance of the Audirvāna software distributed on your Atoll Electronique equipment.

Through our exclusive partnership, you get an additional 3-month extended free trial of Audirvāna Studio. Go for it!

Audirvāna Studio: an ergonomic interface, capable of recognizing all connected devices.

Audirvāna Studio is a high-resolution digital audio player that allows you to listen to your favourite music locally or via streaming with unparalleled sound quality. Atoll Signature streamers are 100% compatible.

Full control of your music.
Audirvāna is an ideal solution for managing and organizing your local music library. Find the perfect balance with our suite of tools to best understand and tune your system.

An update to Audirvāna Studio v.2.0:

  • Chromecast audio.
  • Universal gapless playback that compensates for devices’ UPnP implementation and guarantees gapless music playback.
  • Audio Scan which analyzes the audio content of the track being played and compares its true resolution to that written in its metadata.
  • Improved the current HD Analyzer.
  • Dedicated settings per device.
  • New interface customization options.

Discover the unique characteristics of Audirvāna.

  • HD Library Manager.
  • Integrated streaming content.
  • Exclusive base player.
  • Advanced playback console.
  • Signal processing toolkit.
  • Intuitive multi-source browser.
  • Exclusive playback engine.
  • HD universal wireless connection.
  • Extensive experience with Audirvāna Remote.

Audirvāna Remote: an extended experience.

Take control of your music wherever you are at home with Audirvāna’s universal remote control. This application, designed for smartphones and tablets, available free of charge, is the essential complement to the Audirvāna software and will allow you to control it remotely. The app makes it easy to onboard streamers and All-in-ones.