Atoll lines

You want to start a stereo with separate elements? The budget for a set Amp Integrated (IN30) with a CD-Tuner (CD30) is around €1,000. Coupled with speakers or even small libraries of small columns, this system already offers a new vision of music.
IN30+CD30 copie
PILE 80 copie
The 50 – 80 – 100 ranges can be combined in many flexible ways to fit and suit your needs perfectly over time. And you can make your system evolve easily any time you want, even by starting with a pre-main integrated amplifier to which can be connected a separate power amplifier (passive biamplification). The scalability and flexibility of our range is amazing and makes the ATOLL units always ahead of their times and never obsolete or outdated: our power amplifiers are all bridgeable and can become powerful mono-blocs to be used for each channel and each speaker in your system. The ATOLL stereo power amplifiers are bridgeable and also ready for “bi-amplification” set ups. This modular approach also is ATOLL’s strength. As an example, by shifting a simple switch inside the unit, The AM 100 units can become an amazing 200 Watts RMS power mono bloc that can rival and take on the best units in the markets, that are often priced at 10 times the price !
Do you want to get even more realistic, deep, accurate listening? The rest of the range lets you the opportunity to discover even vaster universe. Our products IN200, PR300 & AM200 (used for bridged mono block or bi-amping) and readers CD200, SACD200 offer you systems between €3000 and €5000.
Our Home Cinema amplifiers solutions can be chosen “à la carte” perfectly adapting products to your needs and your constraints. You’ll get to about €2500 a complete 5 or more channel system with the combination of 2, 3 or 5 channels amplifiers.
Do you need a remote control, a phono stage, digital SPDIF board, a wireless link, finished in natural silver color? You choose your device among what YOU need.ATOLL P100 bis
Finally, we also offer exceptional, developed “Gamme 400” products around 3 main ideas: getting the best musical quality obtained by using the best available technologies; offer unique aesthetic forms; offer products with all the features needed for a perfect integration in any high fidelity top range system. Those products are offered around €5,000.
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