Direct access to Deezer from all of our Signature network players.

Most of the Deezer environment is in your network drive or your ATOLL “All-in-one”. Discover it from the front controls, the remote control, or simply from the ATOLL Signature Application, free on the Play Store or Google Play.

The world listens to you, everywhere and all the time.

Whether our users listen to Deezer on their phone, tablet or computer, we offer them an experience that suits them. From personalized recommendations offered by the “Flow” menu to podcasts and content dedicated to sport, we build a unique experience for each listener. When they listen to us, they are also listening to you.

HiFi quality on Deezer, what is it?

  • High Fidelity Sound: Listen to your music in FLAC and enjoy High Fidelity sound, as if you were in the recording studio with the artists.
  • Multiple Devices Simultaneously: Enjoy the best audio quality available with your desktop app, web browser, iOS, Android, and Xbox.
  • Millions of titles in FLAC format: Browse a constantly growing catalogue of titles in FLAC, in all genres and for all moods.
  • Compatible with the best audio systems:
    Enjoy technically flawless sound with your audio system.
  • Other features included High Fidelity sound: Access the HiFi Room, our universe dedicated to High Fidelity, and discover the selection of our editorials. Immerse yourself in a listening experience with exceptional CD-like audio quality.

Technically flawless.

With High Fidelity, all the subtleties of the music are preserved. Enjoy CD-like audio quality, as if the music was just recorded in the studio.