The philosophy of ATOLL Electronique is much more than the use of efficient diagrams: it is a coherent approach and a rational design, the implementation of components of the highest quality while respecting an exceptional quality/price ratio.

Our choice fell on the use of metal chassis and front panels, discrete component circuits polarized in class A for the preamplifiers and in class A/B for the amplifiers. The power transistors we use are MOS-FETs because they offer the advantage of the highest efficiency with outstanding audio performance.

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The reward for our efforts: musicality, fluidity, richness of timbre and sound detail, an extraordinarily realistic liveliness for a faithful reproduction of your favourite music. It is important to enhance the enthusiasm of a vast panel of customers since the creation of ATOLL has unanimously validated our efforts, an enthusiasm confirmed by numerous distinctions awarded by critics in France and abroad.

Quality in Design:

All layers are completely symmetrical, with discrete components. Double mono configuration after correction, very low counter effect ratio, minimal wiring length, star-shaped structure for components areas, internal protection, etc.

 Quality of the electronic components:

Upper-class Snap-in condensers with high-duty capacity and low in-line resistance, high-quality volume potentiometer (ALPS), resistors with a metal layer, MOS-FET transistors, full class A components for many units, mounting positioning by pairs and by triple groups.

Quality in Manufacturing:

Insertion and welding of all components are totally done at the main plant in France (Brecey, Normandy). Handmade assembly and testing, with 4 steps-checks and measuring followed by thorough listening of each unit before each shipping.

Quality from suppliers:

In addition to our production entirely carried out on our site, the subcontracting of specific parts is carried out in France and represents nearly 80% of the value of the products: the chassis are manufactured in Brittany, the aluminum front panels in Lorraine, the printed circuits in the Basque Country, transformers in the Rhône, packaging in Normandy… This proximity offers reliable and regular quality as well as responsiveness and great flexibility in adapting to demand.

After-sales service:

As a designer and manufacturer, we provide the service of all our productsWith a large stock of spare parts, we can ensure all repairs, whatever the age of your devices. Also, if necessary, updates can be proposed.

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