ATOLL Electronique was founded in September 1997 by Stéphane and Emmanuel DUBREUIL. They observed a lack of affordable audiophile products in the high-fidelity market back then. As a result, they established the brand in Brecey, Normandy, which was a convenient location to create, develop, and market a range of integrated amps, preamps, CD players, FM tuners, etc. As of today, these products were designed to be highly musical, reliable, and scalable.

1997: The emergence of a passion.
Mont Saint Michel, in Normandy.
The IN80 in black aluminium finish.

Our starting range included:

IN50 – IN80 – PR100 – AM50 – AM80

After an encouraging start in the summer of 1998, helped by some very good press articles and a network of convinced dealers, a new model was launched: the AM100. At the end of 1998, the line of CD players (CD50 – CD80 – CD100) was launched to complete the range.

At the end of 1999, the release of the range of 3-channel amplifiers (AV50 – AV80 – AV100) took place, and it was mainly dedicated to the Home Cinema world.

At the end of the 2000s, two flagship products from our current range were released: the IN100 and the PR200. Different options were available: natural silver colour finish and the remote control (October 2000).

At that time, the constraints of storage, ease of production, and organization made the need to invest in a more significant and suitable production unit feel. The new building has become an icon in the Normandy region thanks to its innovative and architecturally sophisticated design, similar to our audio units, with our famous “ATOLL” logo in front of it.

The company moved into its new building at the beginning of October 2001. It was also at this time that the Tuner TU80 was launched.

A larger and more suitable production unit was created in the 2000s.

In view of the flourishing of the Home Cinema market in these years, the company then embarked on an important project that would require nearly 3 years of effort, research and investment (ATOLL was then the only French High Fidelity Company to have Dolby and DTS licenses): the PR5.1 was born in 2004.

The PR5.1: an atypical product on the Home Theater market with a simplified user interface and with exceptional musicality for an Audio/Video preamp, got immediate success among music and home theatre lovers. 

The multichannel range would extend the following year with the arrival of the AV500, a 5-channel block entirely designed as a high-fidelity amplifier dedicated to Home Cinema.

In 2005, we expanded our presence in the mid-range market and decided to introduce more high-end products that would cater to the needs of brand enthusiasts seeking advanced sound quality and offering new perspectives with larger speakers. This led to the launch of the IN200, PR300 and AM200 series, followed by the CD200 in 2006, all of which were well-received by customers.

Subsequently, in 2007 and 2008, the company focused on revamping its previous products to improve their manufacturing quality and sound performance by introducing MK3 CD player versions and SE series (IN50-80-100 and PR100-200). ATOLL then completed its Hi-end line by launching a DVD player (DVD200) and a CD-SACD player (SACD200), which were designed to offer exceptional audio performances and become a benchmark for quality.

View of the IN200 Signature.

At the end of 2008, we launched the IN30 – a high-fidelity audiophile product that was one of the first of its kind in the market. It was manufactured entirely in France and showcased our expertise in this field. The product received critical acclaim from industry experts, including awards such as Best Purchase and Diapason d’Or. Shortly after the IN30, we introduced the CD30 player in the market.


With the rise of dematerialized music, we aimed to create a solution that meets all the requirements. We have then developed a product that connects digital music files to a Hifi system. It was called DAC100 and it was released in 2009. This product is both technically sound and practical, and it’s available at an affordable price.


The years 2010 and 2011 marked our entry into the world of Very High-end with the launch of IN400 and CD400. Soon after, the 400 range was enriched with a PR400 preamp and an AM400 power unit.


Back in 2012, ATOLL saw the potential of dematerialized music and launched two network players, ST100 and ST200. These products completed their range of music listening devices. In 2014, they added all-in-one devices SDA100 and SDA200 to supplement their dematerialized music offering.

Since its creation, the ST200 has evolved a lot.


ATOLL aimed to expand its reach towards a larger audience and cater to new demands. To achieve this, they developed and launched a series of MINI format products between 2014 and 2015. The range of products included a preamp/DAC: the HD100/120, an amplifier: the MA100, a CD the MD100, and a streamer: the MS100.

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In the year 2016, our company underwent two significant changes. Firstly, we expanded our building by adding 600 square meters of new workshops and office space. Secondly, we launched the product called IN300. This launch represented a significant step forward for our brand, indicating our future product directions.


The signature series is the culmination of our search for musicality and aesthetics, it is also distinguished by the addition of new functions:

  • Upgradability: Signature CD amplifiers and players can be equipped with optional DAC boards, which can be combined with a Phono board (integrated amplifiers and preamplifiers).
  • Ergonomics: Signature CD players come standard with a global remote control that also controls the amplifiers, DACs and TU80.


The Signature network players revolutionize the ATOLL ranges and offer our products lovers an incomparable opening into the world of dematerialized music:

  • The user can read their favourite albums and new releases directly accessible in high definition from Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, HRA, etc.
  • The user can play content from a USB hard drive of a NAS or a computer directly from a player.
  • The user could have access to all existing internet radios via the Airable system, supplemented by the possibility of manually adding new radios.
  • All our “Signature” network readers have a disengageable analogue preamplifier and class A polarized output stages. In addition, they are equipped with configurable analogue and digital inputs (the possibility of renaming them and setting them individually in BY-PASS).

300 LINE

This range is the latest addition to our catalogue, it condenses most of our know-how and includes new technological innovations. Do you want to obtain an even more realistic and spacious listening experience? All the devices in the 300 range offer you this possibility! Travel and discover even larger, more spacious, breathtaking musical universes. This range offers exceptional musicality for sets suitable for all types of loudspeakers, even the most complex.


ATOLL products are distributed in nearly 80 stores in France and exported to more than 30 countries around the world.

The ATOLL range includes 41 products as well as several possible options (phono cards, digital cards, remote controls, black or natural aluminium finish).

Our passion is still present and we still pursue the same objectives set at the start.


Il y a plus de 20 ans j'ai acheté un IN80 qui tourne sans arrêt depuis, il y a quelque jours je l'ai porte a réviser, les condensateurs ont été changés ainsi que quelques boutons, cout 144 euros, cet ampli est vraiment fabuleux et il fonctionne comme au premier jour. de plus la maison Atoll est vraiment d'un excellent accueil, mon ampli a été dépanné en deux heures, les gens sur place sont d'une amabilité extrême et on rêve devant le matos exposé. Sachez M. "Atoll" que mon prochain ampli sortira de chez vous et merci pour vos prix doux et la grande qualité de vos produits. Très longue continuation
Excellent matériel, service après vente accueillant, rapide, efficace et peu onéreux. Merci à eux.
Laurent PERRIN
Laurent PERRIN
J'ai appelé Atoll pour une levée de doute sur un HD120 et j'ai eu un excellent accueil, avec des passionnés (ça s'entend) qui m'ont très aimablement répondu. Matériel très musical, dont on n'a pas envie d'arrêter de profiter...
Phil Raymond
Phil Raymond
Service client ou technique je ne sais pas mais il y a toujours quelqu'un pour vous répondre et très aimablement. Le matériel (In100 et très récemment CD 100 pas encore mis en route ) concernant l'ampli je retrouve enfin les basses de mes Triangle Antal 902 , j'ai suivi les conseils de l'interlocuteur sympa que j'ai eu au téléphone. Un intégré sans fioritures, pas de réglages de graves, aigus, balance,loudness divers et variés , le son vrai simple efficace. Une présence de la matière,des détails, je redécouvre la HIFI. Dans la foulée, je me suis offert un CD 100 signature que je vais mettre en route ce dimanche. Merci a Atoll pour des prix somme toute abordable, d'être fiers d'acheter du bon matériel Français.
Contact téléphonique pour un soucis de réception en wifi. Très bon accueil, écoute et prise en charge du problème de suite avec un technicien. Je recommande vivement. Merci encore à T.
Laetiti Kocin
Laetiti Kocin
J'ai eu affaire a Stephane électronicien compètent généreux. Grace a son aide j'ai pu profiter pleinement de mon amplificateur. Merci encore Thierry
Atoll IN 200 Signature ????
Cédric Niel
Cédric Niel
Atoll IN 300 De prime abord, on pourrait le prendre pour un IN 200 dont il reprend l’allure et le style général, des plus réussi au demeurant avec son châssis métallique, sa très jolie façade rapportée en aluminium usiné, le tout recouvert d’un capot enveloppant en tôle d'acier. Il est cependant plus haut, plus profond et plus lourd, mais c’est normal il est encore mieux loti que son petit frère... Là ce n’est pas une fée qui s’est penchée sur son berceau mais toute une bande, standard (dual mono), un triple push-pull de transistors à effet de champs, (par canal), avec une alimentation assurée par deux transfos de 440 VA chacun, un excellent DAC intégré, (base AKM modèle AK4490EQ), entre autres raffinements électroniques. La ligne est sobre et élégante mais la mécanique est celle d’un avion de chasse ! Attention décollage... Au moment où je rédige cet avis, je suis en train d’assister à un concert des sœurs LOVELL, mais pas au Trianon, (annulé pour cause de Covid-19), je suis juste chez moi… Plus sérieusement cet intégré est une réussite totale, puissant, subtil, d’une musicalité absolument renversante en binôme avec des Dynaudio, (par exemple). Il faut vraiment aller l’écouter…, au passage, en Normandie, la bonne adresse pour ce faire c’est chez «Art Sonique» à Caen. La Normandie puisque j’en parle, recèle un certain nombre de pépites, ATOLL à Brécey en est une qui de plus a su rester accessible et là je ne parle pas simplement des tarifs, je prends également en considération la disponibilité de l’équipe et des frères DUBREUIL que vous pourrez joindre très facilement par téléphone par mail et même sur site en cas de besoin, pour un réglage fin de courant de repos par exemple, Emmanuel, Stéphane si vous lisez ces lignes merci encore et Bravo !
Re Naud
Re Naud
Une disponibilité et un service après vente d’une rare efficacité. Chaudement recommandé.